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Nina Bridges

Nina Bridges


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The Memory Project

Project summary

Memories are everything. They unite us, keep us hopeful, remind us of the bad and the good. Our memories have shaped us all, and without them, the places, people and objects in our lives are just nominal things. Without memories, there is nothing to look back on and nothing to look forward to.

Cece Kersten holds a photo with her dad when she was little. In the photo, she is holding a stuffed animal named Teddy that her dad bought it for her when she was little. She still sleeps with it every night because it reminds her of family and home.

Maria Raad writes, “I’ve recently come to realise that literally anything can vanish at any moment. I guess holding on to memories of people and places allowed me to cope with that idea. Out memories are all that we really have, and regardless of what happens, they allow these stories, places, and people to be and persist.”