429 Project

Kacie Price


Project title

Emphasis on Green

Project summary

Every time I’m in the presence of the color green I feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and serenity. My plan for this series was to further explore the emotions and feelings that come with the color. I want to visually explain to the world why the color green is so impactful.

This piece expresses green’s association with the feeling of being refreshed. The character is wearing a long sleeved shirt due to the slightly chilly weather. However, has her hands in the air and is embracing the cool, windy air. She embraces the air so much that she becomes a minty, blue color. She is ready feeling refreshed and free after her time outside.

This piece is showing green’s association with peace and serenity. The character is light blue, representing flowy air. She has green eyes, hair, and clothes to represent how her growth, how she visually perceives the world, and how her self expression comes from a place of serenity.